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Strategy and Renewal with data & AI

Our people-centric strategy consulting – backed by digital and data & AI expertise – empowers you to boost impact, improve productivity, engage employees, and satisfy customers. We offer hands-on support to create actionable plans and drive your data & AI transformation. We're not about telling; we're about showing.

Our services

Strategy with data & AI

We rethink actionable data, product and digital strategies using alternative data sources and AI.

  • Digital / data / product strategy
  • Digital portfolio strategy and management
  • New business innovation with AI

Process and operations renewal with AI

We renew your key processes, culture and operations to find the spots for automation, innovation and business acceleration.

  • Process optimization and re-design with data
  • Operational and cultural renewal with data & AI
  • Data-enabled decision-making

Generative AI deployment

We co-create generative AI solutions from proof of concepts to working solutions that drive business results.

  • Generative AI exploration and prototyping
  • Generative AI portfolio management
  • Tailored generative AI solutions

Business architecture

We plan business architecture to meet today’s demands on technology front and meet the business goals.

Challenging the conventions with you

Work is evolving. Successful organizations harness the potential of data & AI, seamlessly integrating them from strategy to execution to results. This is the path to a real-time organization.

Futurice provides a holistic solution for mastering this change.

Our approach is 80% people, 20% tech. We specialize in turning tech possibilities into actionable results, delivering the outcomes you need.

Data and tech native

Tech is in our DNA. Today we use your internal, external, and alternative data sources to find out if you are working for your goals or missing the mark.

To turn data into insight, we're pioneering generative AI solutions, alongside traditional machine learning methods - and we're backed by the whole Futurice family and our tech partnerships, to help us make production solutions fast.


The transformation around data & AI touches most vital processes. To reach the business results, you need to engage people and lead the behavioral change.

At Futurice we are talented multidisciplinary experts also specialized in understanding the behavior and culture. We represent various backgrounds including social psychology, cultural anthropology, psychology, business, strategy and industrial engineering.

Outcome focused

Challenging the conventions with new tech is exactly what we do best - and we’re continuously investing in our capabilities to deliver bigger and better outcomes in this domain.

Already having 25+ generative AI focused projects under our belt, 50+ live generative AI demo speaker gigs and 150+ data & AI transformation cases. We have been betting on data & AI since 2019.

Future-proof your business with generative AI

The productivity potential of generative AI is undeniable. If you haven't yet thought of the impact on your organization or you haven't started experimenting, now is the time. At Futurice we have already applied generative AI tools both in our own and our clients’ core business processes to build the capabilities and seize the opportunities that lie ahead.

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