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Future-proof your business with Generative AI

The productivity potential of generative AI is undeniable. If you haven't yet thought of the impact on your organization or you haven't started experimenting, now is the time. At Futurice we have already applied generative AI tools both in our own and our clients’ core business processes to build the capabilities and seize the opportunities that lie ahead.

Selected cases and outcomes we have achieved for our clients

  • Sales and marketing

    • New meetings +10% over target for January 2023
    • New sales +20% over month target
    • Content creation efficiency + 70%
  • Customer care

    • Manual tracking of customer feedback down from two days weekly to 30 minutes
    • Enabling better decision making by leveling up customer care data analysis: from manually tagging customer calls to analyzing every customer call
    • Partial automation of customer care tasks
  • Legal

    • A consolidated view of contracts which shifts focus from firefighting to the prevention of legal disputes
  • Market & business intelligence

    Wider and more efficient market insight scanning through a combination of external data analysis and generative AI

  • Virtual organization

    • Development and design: 50% decrease in monthly AWS spend with the help of refactoring, redesign & edge computing
    • Virtual team size tripled, bridging the gap between business, data science and technology
  • Product management

    • Faster iteration from idea -> Epic -> Tickets (from 2 weeks to a few hours)
    • 50% less time on early iteration from business to technical to action.
    • Improved asynchronous work
    • Validating new product ideas virtually with simulations and scenarios for different customer segments

Seeing is believing: How to start experimenting and creating value with ChatGPT and generative AI

We believe that the most effective way to start the real discussion and experimentation of your business opportunities, is to see the potential for yourself in your context. This is how you can get started.

1. Kickstarter

Leadership workshop on how to start applying generative AI to your business

Futurice’s expert team facilitates a 3 - 4 hour workshop to your leadership team focusing on how to apply AI opportunities in your business. See a real life demo on what ChatGPT and AI-based tools can offer in your context and find the biggest opportunity-areas to start experimenting for yourself.

Outcome: A prioritized todo list that enables you to start applying generative AI in your business and a shared understanding of generative AI and its potential impact on your business.

Time: 1 day = prep + 3-4 h workshop + conclusions

Who: Leadership team

2. Scalable proof of concept

Take experimentation to the next level and start creating value

Take the next step towards leveraging AI in your business with a scalable proof of concept . Our multidisciplinary team of AI, design and business specialists work closely with your team to ideate, design, and develop a custom proof of concept, showcasing the practical applications of generative AI in your business.

Outcome: Together we prioritize a business area or one key workstream where we validate the technical feasibility of using generative AI applications, like ChatGPT. We will pilot the actual use of the applications together with the key users to test the real-life value and finally evaluate the larger implications of how the workflow will be impacted and what it means for the business potential.

Time: 6 - 8 weeks

Who: Leadership + selected business area (process owners)

3. Business transformation process

Future-proof your business with generative AI

Embrace the transformative power of generative AI with a more comprehensive business transformation. We'll help you integrate AI into your operations and core business fundamentals to streamline processes, boost productivity and drive growth.

Outcome: We work in two streams to build a data-enabled leadership team with faster and more accurate decision-making and within weeks we improve selected operations with better efficiency and customer experience with data and generative AI. While we deliver results, we build the organizational capabilities needed for renewal.

Time: 3 months +

Who: Leadership + selected business area + support teams

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