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At Futurice, we believe in the transformative power of tech partnerships. We work with leading tech companies, combining our skills to craft solutions that are as unique as your business needs.

Our partnerships mean more than just broadening our service range. They keep us on the pulse of tech advancements, ensuring you get the best and latest in the market. With certifications guaranteeing quality, safety, and compliance for regulated industries, you can trust Futurice to deliver top-level digital services. Our story is about staying competitive, committed, and always moving forward with you.

  • Microsoft

    Futurice is a Microsoft Solution Partner. Specializing in Digital & App Innovation, Data & AI, and Infrastructure on Azure, we bring over 130 Microsoft Azure certifications to the table. Our straightforward approach ensures seamless integration and transformative solutions for your business. From application modernization to robust enterprise data architecture and AI, we are your partner in Microsoft-powered innovation.

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  • AWS

    Futurice is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner. Our expertise extends across diverse industries and client engagements. Proudly standing as an AWS Advanced Tier partner in Services and involved in the Public Sector program. We hold an impressive portfolio of 110+ AWS Certificates and Accreditations, spanning the entire spectrum of AWS specializations.

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  • Google

    Futurice is a Google Cloud Service Partner and Reseller. Our expertise is fortified by 10+ Google Cloud certifications, including Professional Cloud Developers, Data Engineers, DevOps Engineers, and Architects. Experience the seamless synergy of our Google Cloud proficiency and your business objectives.

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  • Contentful

    As a Contentful Silver Tier Solution Partner, Futurice has vast experience with the platform across many years and projects. Our specialists lead clients’ journey in adapting this modern, flexible, and extensible content management platform into complex workflows. We assist clients in navigating unique challenges rising within the enterprise environment and ensuring they fully harness Contentful's potential for their specific needs.

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  • Databricks

    As a Databricks consulting partner with 10 Databricks certifications, Futurice assists companies in turning raw data into business value by consolidating data and AI workloads for more impactful insights. Our team crafts tailored data and AI-driven solutions, spanning from conventional reporting pipelines to customized machine learning optimization applications.

  • Vercel

    Futurice is an Expert Partner of Vercel, the company founded by the creators of Next.js. Our collaboration is built on a comprehensive understanding of Vercel’s state-of-the-art edge network platform, enabling us to deliver fast, secure, and expansive digital products. Combining our experienced Next.js developers with Vercel’s frontend cloud infrastructure we’re delivering scalable and SEO-friendly web applications. With Vercel, we ensure top-tier performance, a seamless developer experience, and superior preview capabilities, providing our clients with the best digital experience.

    Check out our profile on Vercel ->

  • IAAP - International Association of Accessibility Professionals

    International Association of Accessibility Professionals

    As a member of the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP), Futurice is dedicated to designing and building inclusive and accessible digital services for all. Our Accessibility Specialists hold certifications issued by IAAP, including Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competence (CPACC), Web Accessibility Specialist (WAS) and Certified Professional in Web Accessibility (CPWA). Through our IAAP membership, we stay updated on the latest accessibility standards, ensuring our commitment to accessibility is backed by continuous learning and industry expertise.

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