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In modern democracies, government organizations represent stability, permanence and security – but they must also keep up with the times. As the world changes at a rapid pace, the public sector has to adapt as well. Today, this means things like people-centricity, digital services, dialogue with citizens, and open sharing of information across agency boundaries.

Public Sector in Finland

Learn how we have created a future-proof public sector together, in Finland.

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The state of the public sector today

Societies all over the world are facing several kinds of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, ranging from the impact of the climate crisis and a global pandemic to themes like demographic change, social inequality, and decentralization.

Digital transformation is also changing the world. People are enjoying more freedom of choice than ever before. As consumers, their behavior is changing, and as citizens, they expect quality services from government organizations as well. At the same time, the competition for top talent is also intensifying in the public sector, and cost pressures are growing.

How can the public sector fulfill its role in a complicated environment like this? We’re here to help you find that out.

How we can help the public sector

We believe that the public sector should have an active role in shaping society and caring for its people. Our mission is to help the public sector develop and lead change, from the individual level to entire communities and public organizations.

We help the public sector solve challenges such as

  • Designing services in a people-centric way to meet the needs of citizens
  • Making an impact with high-quality customer and employee experiences
  • Collecting data and utilizing it to simulate decisions and predict outcomes
  • Supporting people in responding to a rapidly changing work environment
  • Developing ICT systems to solve users’ problems and support their needs.
  • Improving cost efficiency by improving ICT procurement and accelerating development work.
  • Enabling networked cooperation between different actors and industries, guided by a common goal and a roadmap.
In the tribe of the Finnish Tax Administration, service development is business-oriented, but also people-oriented and creative. When the teams are allowed to organize their work independently and choose agile methods, self-direction is strengthened: people find interesting content for their work and personal career stories become possible.
Sanni Luoto
Tribe Lead, Finnish Tax Administration

Our consultancy services for the public sector covers

  • Leading change by developing the culture

  • Developing your organization with data competence

  • Designing citizen services in a people-oriented way

  • Harnessing your information systems to serve the people

  • Ensuring your readiness with agile software development

  • Using the potential of cross-functional teams

  • Investing in scalable skills in an agile manner

  • Strengthening organizational effectiveness with ecosystems

  • Preparing for the future

Combining data from private and public actors in a new way creates new thinking and insight that helps focus action on challenging situations.
Markus Kühn
Strategic Director, City of Helsinki

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