Data mesh: Data management is heading for a revolution

Is your organization ready for a data mesh? For decades, the standard approach to data platforms and architecture has assumed centralisation: a common platform with bound technologies handled by a centralised team. With this guide, find new insights, perspectives, and directions to help you get started on your Data Mesh journey.

Data Mesh consulting: Revolutionizing data architecture

At Futurice, our data mesh consulting services are designed to revolutionize data management and architecture, enabling businesses to unlock powerful insights and efficiencies. Dive into the cutting-edge world of data mesh and transform your data ecosystem.

Data Mesh services overview

Data mesh is a modern architectural approach that decentralizes data ownership and control, emphasizing domain-oriented data ownership and a self-serve design. By implementing data mesh architecture, Futurice helps organizations build robust, scalable, and flexible data infrastructures.

Benefits of Data Mesh vs. Data Fabric

Understanding the difference between data mesh and data fabric is critical for choosing the right strategy. Data mesh focuses on domain-centric governance, enhancing agility and ownership, whereas data fabric typically centralizes data management. Our consulting services guide you in choosing the right approach for your needs, whether you're leaning towards data mesh or integrating elements of both systems.

Data Mesh implementation strategies

Embrace the future of data architecture with Futurice's data mesh consulting services. Let us help you navigate the complexities of data mesh to achieve a truly agile and data-driven enterprise.

About the guide

Despite the progress made with this approach, it’s often plagued by issues appearing with increasing team size and technical complexity. These can appear in multiple ways such as the increasing distance between the data experts and the business domains, a cumbersome platform that’s slow to bend for different needs or a team being out of step with current business goals.

Data mesh is an up-and-coming paradigm that outlines an organisational approach to data and how to create the technical as well as cultural requirements that help organisations to address many of the pain points associated with prevailing data platform approaches. First introduced by Zhamak Dehghani, data mesh takes an approach derived from domain-driven design and introduces it into the data world. There’s a lot more to it than just technical change – data mesh is first and foremost a way of thinking and organising, which adopts modern product development practices and a decentralised approach to data architecture.

In this piece we’ll cover:

When organisations should consider data mesh

The role of technology in data mesh architecture

How to build the right teams and culture to support data mesh

In our Data Mesh guide you'll find new insights, perspectives, and steps to take that will help you choose the right direction for your Data Mesh journey.

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